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    Investment Management firms are tasked with handling their clients’ wealth and investments by mitigating risks and maximizing profitability. We achieve this by picking up on market trends to guide your investment and divestment decisions. In addition to constantly monitoring the market movement, we also need to ensure regulatory compliance. To overcome challenges and to stay agiler in a highly dynamic market, we are increasingly incorporating analytical tools and technologies into their processes. We track technology trends in Investment Management and keep up with the industry leaders in the adoption of these tools.


    Big Data

    Effective delivery of Investment management services requires access to analysis of large volumes of data. Thus, it only makes sense for asset management agencies to incorporate big data analytics into their decision-making processes. Big data tools can analyze huge chunks of market data and evaluate risks and opportunities associated with different assets. The analysis of assets based on vast amounts of historical data helps asset managers to identify assets that are headed towards peak profitability as well as the ones diving towards insolvency. Advance knowledge of market trajectory minimizes risk and maximizes the ability to spot opportunities for profits.

    Artificial intelligence

    Following the industry-wide adoption of big data to gain market insights and monitor asset performance, the next wave of disruption in the Investment Management industry is being brought about by artificial intelligence (AI). AI, fueled by big data, can not only provide descriptive market insights but can also recommend prescriptive actions for future to maximize return on investment. AI can evaluate investment options by measuring the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) score of companies, which acts as an indicator of their long-term sustainability.


    Blockchain’s ability to store data in a universally synchronized and decentralized manner can enable asset management companies, especially in ensuring regulatory compliance. Blockchain is becoming synonymous with privacy and involves maintaining private, secure records, such as client information. Blockchain can store client information in an anonymized, immutable manner to meet regulatory standards. It can also be used to speed up transactions involved while trading or liquidating assets such as stocks and commodities. Blockchain eliminates the need for intermediaries and cuts down on transaction time, without compromising security.